Centre for Nurse and Midwife Led Research

The CNMR brings together UCLH and UCL to support and enable nurses, midwives and Allied Health Professonals in developing world-class quality of care research. It is located in, and funded by, the UCLH/UCL Biomedical Research Centre.

The CNMR aims to establish a formal Clinical Academic Pathway to develop clinical and academic research leadership for nurses, midwives, and Allied Health Professionals at UCLH and UCL. It includes a resource centre to facilitate all nurses, midwives, and Allied Health Professionals employed by UCLH and UCL wishing to engage in developing evidence-based practice.

The CNMR seeks to encourage a process of individual and institutional development that will lead to higher levels of skills and greater ability to perform useful research in partnership with patients, academics and clinicians.

Latest News

15th Jun 2016
Midwifery Seminar - PhD Findings of Dr. Esther Crespo

Women, couples and health professionals' experiences of pregnancy, labour and postpartum after assisted reproduction in Barcelona, Spain

21st Jun 2016
NIHR Fellowship Programme Information Afternoon 2016

RDS London and the NIHR Trainees Co-ordinating Centre (TCC) will be holding a Fellowship Information Afternoon for people intending to apply for the January 2017 round of the NIHR Fellowship Programme.

21st Jun 2016
Autonomic barriers to effective neurorehabilitation Seminar

Cardiovascular autonomic dysfunction is a common part of many neurological disorders and is often the most disabling part of the disorder. The lecture will focus on common clinical challenges in neurorehabilitation; orthostatic hypotension, autonomically mediated (or reflex) syncope, post-prandial hypotension, exercise related hypotension, supine hypertension, autonomic dysreflexia and postural tachycardia syndrome (PoTS), and how to manage these using both non-pharmacological measurements and pharmacological measurements.