Belinda Green - Consultant Midwife

Belinda Green, RN, RM, BSc, MSc, PhD

What was the first ever piece of research you were involved in?

I interviewed Dads about the birth experience. Specifically focusing on Dads who had been through labour with their wives or partners and who ended up with a very traumatic birth. I wanted to find out whether in hindsight they would still want to have been there? Did they find the whole experience traumatic? Did they perceive that it changed their view of their wife/partner?.

Was it ever published?

No, I'm hopeless at publishing because I move from one thing to the next!

What attracted you to research in the first place?

I'm interested in hearing stories, gaining more understanding about what we do and whether we can do things better then we did.

What is your main research focus now?

Decision making, understanding why we as practioners make the decisions we do and the impact that has on mums and dads.

What would be your top tip for a novice researcher?

To only ever be involved in something that you are passionate about. Never get involved in research because you just want to try it out. You've got to be able to see it through. You've got to have a passion about what you are researching.

What one resource as a researcher could you not be without?

My eyes and ears, I don't need anything else.

Have you ever had a role model and if so who is it?

That would be my PhD supervisor Jane Sandel, because she is passionate about her job. She was the person who first got me interested in research and who said "don't do it if you don't really believe in what you are doing". She gave me the belief to do a PhD. I never thought I could do a PhD. I never thought I was clever enough to do it but she used to tell me "anyone can do anything if they're really passionate about it"