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Gita Tailor
Gita Tailor

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Gita is the Administrator for the Centre for Nurse and Midwife led Research at UCL/UCLH. She supports both Lesley and Annie with the day to day running of the department by providing all the administration and PA duties. Gita is also responsible for the CNMR website.

Her previous experience as an Administrator who has worked for the Institute of Physics, UCL, SOAS, LSHTM, School of Pharmacy and Welcome Trust. She is self-motivated and resourceful, with an in-depth understanding of all aspects of Academic and higher education and implementation and look forward to learning more about the research that is done by Nurses and Midwives. She is responsible and dynamic person, strongly motivated by challenges and success.

Gita presently is an ambassador for the BAPS Charity and in a voluntary capacity with a United Nations affiliated NGO, based in North West London. She has committed her time over 20 years and have been a integral part of various community-based educational, cultural and fund raising events.

Gita manages the office for the ladies forum, the first point of contact for communication, planning, developing, managing and reporting on a monthly and by quarterly, She is responsible for volunteers and provide support, organise team meetings, training, recruitment. She supports the Public Relations team, often meeting and greeting high profile dignitaries, also assist in fund raising through various sponsorship events like sponsored walk and organising events. She has to collaborate with the wider team to produce e-bulletins, newsletters and event announcements by managed group emails local, regional and UK geographical

Gita enjoys travelling and her aspiration is to develop skills in the world of travel. I am an experienced, energetic Travel Consultant full of enthusiasm and passionate travel consultant. I provide wide range of services from tailor-made itineraries to hospitality marketing to various destinations. I have been involved in the events management, marketing and hospitality aspects of this partnership business, Tailor-Made Consultancy, which has allowed me an opportunity to travel extensively and meet with many hotelier