UCLH nursing and midwifery research strategy

The UCLH nursing and midwifery strategy has been developed to deliver the vision for research in practice and clinical academic careers for UCLH nurses & midwives laid out in our N&M Strategy 2012-15.

The strategy is a first step in enabling UCLH nurses and midwives to develop the careers that enable them to generate evidence in response to current and future challenges in our practice.

Strategy Aims

  • Put research at the heart of our nursing & midwifery practice.
  • Build a critical mass of clinical academic nurses and midwives who undertake research projects that inform the care they deliver for patients on a daily basis
  • Build a workforce of nurses and midwives that are research literate
  • Develop nationally acclaimed programmes of research to inform day-to-day duties and ensure best practice is adopted at UCLH and beyond.

The strategy focuses on five themes:

  • Cancer
  • Infection & Infection Control
  • Integrated Care
  • Women's Health
  • Clinical Leadership & Quality

Each Theme is led by a research active nurse or midwife, supported by a deputy. Nurses and midwives receiving funding for courses at degree and post-graduate levels will be required to undertake academic activities aligned to one of the themes. Each theme will support and grow researchers to answer the questions that matter most to our practice.

Further information about the Theme leads/deputies and the work they are undertaking will be available soon on the CNMR website.

If you would like more information about the Theme Leads or the strategy, please email the CNMR


 N&M Research Strategy leaflet - 2014-2017 (230 KB)

 N&M Research Strategy Launch (468 KB)