James Harris, PhD Student

James Harris, PhD Student, Health Psychology Research Group, Psychology Dept.
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James was awarded a CBRC Pre-doctoral Midwifery Research Fellowship to develop capacity and capability for research led by nurses and midwives and to undertake research in antenatal screening.

James has worked in both high and low-risk midwifery care, spending the majority of his career as a community midwife. His PhD study investigates the psychological impact of a new antenatal screening tool that the Institute for Women's Heath is pioneering.

With a doctoral supervisory board (Primary Supervisor: Prof Susan Michie; Secondary Supervisors: Dr. Belinda Green and Prof Linda Franck) involving experts in health psychology, fetal medicine and nursing and midwifery research, James intends to investigate how giving women a screen for pre-eclampsia in the first trimester of their pregnancy impacts their emotional, cognitive and behavioural responses during their pregnancy. Using a mixture of quantitative and qualitative methodologies he aims to identify any issues that arise from the screen, so that the approach may be adapted to benefit women.