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Oral co-enzyme Q10 supplementation does not prevent cardiac alterations during a high altitude trek to Everest Base Camp
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An Authentic Voice - TB Peer Educators
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Pregnancy Following Bariatric Surgery
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An exploration of Nurses' and Midwives Experiences of Safety Culture
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How do young people find out about their parent's cancer diagnosis: a phenomenological study.
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Improving standards of aseptic practice through an ANTT trust-wide implementation process: a matter of prioritisation and care
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Management of Related Donor Care: A European Survey
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Simultaneous multi-depth assessment of tissue oxygen saturation in thenar and forearm using near-infrared spectroscopy during a simple cardiovascular challenge
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Outcomes and uptake of risk reducing salpingo-oophorectomy in women over the age of 40 at high familial risk of ovarian cancer
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