Mentoring Resources

The following is a list of other useful sources of information for anyone interested in learning more about mentoring.

Online Resources

Some of these websites also provide free downloadable resources for use


Ask at your local library for the books below - some hospital/university libraries may already have these for lending

  • Facilitating reflective learning through mentoring and coaching
    Brockbank A and McGill I (2006, Kogan Page, London)
  • Everyone needs a mentor
    Clutterback D (2004, CIPD, London)
  • Coaching and mentoring: theory and practice
    Garvey R, Stokes P and Megginson D (2009, SAGE, London)
  • Implementing mentoring schemes: A practical guide to succesful programmes
    Klasen N and Clutterbuck D (2011, Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford)