The Academy of Medical Sciences

The Academy of Medical Sciences, was set up in 2001 to promote advances in medical science and campaigns to ensure that they are put into practice to provide healthcare benefits for society. Along with this, the Academy look to play a pivotal role in determining the future of medical science in the UK and any future benefits that will come.

The Academy is passionate about supporting excellent young researchers who are future leaders and innovators in health research. They offer a one-to-one mentoring scheme which provides support to postdoctoral clinical academics on the cusp of an independent research career. By 2011 they had already "matched" 250 mentors and mentees.

Academy careers support

Trainees across the career grades have access to a range of activities:

One-to-one mentoring
is available to postdoctoral trainees (Clinician Scientist Fellows and Clinical Lecturers). All trainees are also welcome at a range of events and workshops to learn how to get the most out of mentoring and build their own personal support networks.

Regional events and a monthly e-bulletin
give trainees access to the latest information about funding and fellowships, provide the chance to network with peers & Academy Fellows, debate issues, learn about policy and hear inspirational talks.

Niche grant schemes
provide access, for example, to funds for Clinical Lecturers to collect preliminary data to be able to apply for longer term fellowships. A small travel bursary scheme enables trainees to gain research skills in the Middle East.

Matching process for Academy mentoring

Potential mentees are encouraged to:

  • Contact the Academy office for details about the scheme.
  • Consider the issues a mentor might help them think through.
  • Ask their supervisor and colleagues for suggestions of possible mentors.
  • Browse the online Fellows' directory - is there anyone they know, admire,
    have heard speak?
  • Do some research on Fellows, look at their research group webpages.
  • Discuss their ideas with the Academy mentoring team.
  • Perhaps arrange to meet one or two possible mentors informally to see if
    they are likely to get on well.
  • Fill in the mentor nomination form.
  • Approach Fellows directly or through the Academy.
  • Arrange the first meeting.

For further information about the Academy and the mentor scheme they run, please visit  their website for further details and guidance.

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